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A Health Concern of Growing Dimensions


Mold - we read about it almost every day! The news media reports the presence of serious amounts of mold being found in our homes, our schools, and our places of employment. It can be anywhere, rich homes, poor homes, warm climates, cold climates, damp climates and dry climates. The problem with mold is that it is linked to nearly all of the chronic sinus infections which affect over 37 million Americans. Some mold can cause serious breathing difficulties, memory and hearing loss, dizziness, flulike symptoms and even bleeding in the lungs.

Mold growth and the illnesses associated with mold can be prevented by keeping buildings and the air in them clean and dry. Mold needs a damp haven, such as a roof leak or water leak, along with an atmosphere of high indoor humidity in which to thrive and reproduce. The resulting mold spores can be recirculated throughout the building by the HVAC system and become a serious health threat, particularly to sensitive and allergic individuals.

Molds require water to grow. Any cellulose product like wood, ceiling tile, wallpaper and wallboard becomes a food source for mold once it becomes wet. Mold needs this food source to survive. Without it, mold cannot survive. So to prevent mold growth and the illnesses associated with mold, you must locate the source of the dampness and eliminate it.. Keep the area clean and dry. Because mold spores can travel through the air, it is also important to prevent the spread and growth of mold with the use of an air purifier that can reduce airborne mold.

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